Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Bigleaf Hill, home of innovative real food cooking with occasional doses of country hijinks.

I work from home on our 15 acre homestead (it's a work in progress) with the Manflesh, a stay-at-home dad/farmhand/handyman, and our offspring, baby Tippytoe.

We've always preferred to eat healthy, whole foods, but adding Tippytoe to our family has strengthened our resolve to cut refined flours and sugars out of our diet.  We don't want to feed that stuff to him, and you can't really eat anything in front of a toddler that you don't want to share, so I've become a bit of an expert at revamping our favorite recipes to meet our dietary aspirations.

At the same time, as our homestead becomes more and more productive, I have a wealth of produce to work with.  We're starting to explore new methods of storing our bounty for use throughout the year.  So far, we mostly freeze things, but we're working on adding dehydrating and root cellaring to our bag of tricks, which will open up even more culinary options.

In the coming months, I'll be posting some of my tried and true recipes - all whole grain with no refined sugar, as well as experiments: both the successes and the failures.  I'll also be posting periodic glimpses into our country life, whenever it seems like there's something worth sharing.  If any of that sounds interesting to you, please subscribe, so you'll never miss a post.

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