Saturday, August 6, 2016

Miss Jean Louis' resume prior to her immigration to the United States remains a bit of a mystery.  Though it cannot be confirmed, there are creditable rumors that she served for some time as chief courtesan to His Majesty Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei.  In that capacity she not only satisfied the standard duties of her position, but was also known as the power behind the throne, brokering such landmark agreements as The Great Winter-Hardy Greens Accord, the Sock Monkey Amnesty Arrangement, and the Trans-Fandom International Trade Partnership.  It seems that this decades long relationship came to a bitter end when Miss Jean Louis chanced to see an episode of the American television programme Supernatural while on her annual rejuvenating trek to the hot springs of Southwest Canada.  She was transfixed by the visage of actor Misha Collins, and knew in that moment that the next stage in her career hinged on meeting him and getting his ridiculous life in order so that he could more fully focus on spreading his ridiculous aura hither and yon.  Extrication from the court of Sultan Bolkiah took several years after this initial revelation.  He was understandably reluctant to lose such a vibrant in irreplaceable creature.  In the end though, Miss Jean Louis' was not to be dissuaded, and she set sail for America in June of 2010.

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